Exhaust Grommet


Exhaust Grommet GR120
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Grommet made from high-temp urethane for insulating the exhaust pipes from the frame. Use with Welder Series' exhaust hangers.

Also called Snapper grommets, designed for 1/8″ mounting brackets (10ga) and a 3/8″ through-bolt.

1-3/16″ OD, 7/8″ installed width.

Hi-Temp blue grommets are better for the hangers closest to the headers, as they will handle even more heat than the red grommets. Now with an integrated washer.

Buy 10, get 10% off!

Only available in red or blue at this time.

Brand:Welder Series
Hole size:3/8"
Type Red (0) Blue (hi-temp) (0)
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