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Welding With DW

I’ve put the welding tips videos in a playlist on YouTube… I hope it’s helpful, or at the very least entertaining. Not the most entertaining thing you do all day, but maybe somewhere around the 9th entertaining.

Ready to weld vs. welded parts

How Much Can I Save?

You're looking to save a few dollars on your build, just like everyone else. Here's a quick comparison of some popular kits, showing what you can save when you weld them together yourself instead of buying it pre-welded from us.

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Tig tip: tungsten storage and sharpening

I keep all my tungsten in a little hand made holder with a bunch of holes drilled in it. This holds them pointy side up so they don’t get dulled before I use them. I also don’t have to keep getting up to sharpen each time a point gets dirty.
To sharpen them, I use an old variable speed drill, chuck one up, then spin it slowly as I gently hold it against the grinding wheel. I always sharpen with the tungsten pointed up so there’s no burr on the end.