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Search & Restore Challenger Build, part 1

A deserving firefighter’s Challenger gets completely redone by Tim Strange and a crew of volunteers. I love this show… it’s safe to watch with the kids (no throwing parts, yelling at each other, etc.) and a great inspiration to help other people!

Here’s the link where you can watch it online.

Search & Restore Reveals Hudson Hornet This Weekend!

Tim Strange Announces Season 2 Episode 3 of Search and Restore
Franklin TN, November 14, 2012: The focus of Search and Restore is on finding the family treasures and lost causes, ringing them all back to life. From coast to coast, host Tim Strange, and volunteer teams of pros will donate their time restoring rides nationwide to those worthy of a helping hand. Search & Restore is not just a show for automotive enthusiasts, but a great show that dad can watch with his family – there is a story and best of all NO DRAMA.
Tim Strange, award-winning rod builder, BMXer and owner of Strange Motion is the host and Lead Builder of Search and Restore. “The show is a feel-good, give back type of show,” said Strange. “We build projects for deserving people with touching or hard-luck stories. Each project we build gets four half-hour shows. We build four projects each season so there will be 16 episodes.” “There’s no better feeling than helping someone regain that sense of hope after they feel like they’ve lost everything,” Strange said. “Thanks to our volunteer build teams and the hosts of the other PowerBlock shows, we’re able to help someone pick up the pieces, turn a dream into a reality and have fun doing it.”
November 17, 2012 @ 8 AM CST SPIKE TV will run the third build of season two of Search and Restore. It will run as a two hour special, you will see the beginning and end of the build. On Sunday November 18, 2012 @ 8 AM SPIKE TV will do a rerun of Saturday’s show. The third build of the season, we travel just outside Detroit, Michigan to rescue a dream, grant a
daughter’s wish, and to restore some pride in a PowerBlock viewer who spends these days managing his pain, and taking care of his elderly parents.
After receiving nearly 200,000 submissions from viewers, Search and Restore is PowerBlock’s answer to ignite hope back into the lives of those in need of a helping hand. Search and Restore is not a “How to” show, like the other PowerBlock shows.

Tim Strange leads a volunteer crew to build this Hudson for a deserving family.

Ford Transmission Info

We were contacted today regarding a post on the ETE Reman blog to do with Ford automatic transmissions. While Ford transmissions aren’t nearly as popular as GM offerings, this is great info! There is also information regarding GM and Chrysler auto transmissions as well.

We’ve never done business with this company, so please don’t take this as an endorsement. You get a pretty good impression of a business when they’re willing to spend time to educate the public though.

Hot Rod Art for your Cordless Mobile Telephone Screen

PCKStudio has a few beautiful backgrounds for cell phones… I’ve had one on my iphone for a while now, and thought you might want some cool artwork on your phone too!

Here’s the link to download them:

Sharing Build Pictures on Facebook

I've gone through the Schwartz Inc. Facebook page and tagged Welder Series in pictures where our parts are used. Currently there are 99 pictures tagged and as more projects are completed, I'm sure that number will grow.

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Another Street Rodder Road Tour Blog

A link to another blog post about the Street Rodder Magazine road tour, this time coming from Hot Rods & Custom Stuff's Randy Clark and Chick Koszis. Lots of pictures!

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Brown Dog Welding: Really Cool Steel Things

Using simple things from around his shop, he's able to blend them into sculptures which resemble cars, trucks, dogs, cats, and some things in between.

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The Rules have Changed: 2011 AMBR Award Judging Explained

Craig Pike spoke firsthand with the judges coordinator, Vic Cunnyngham about what's changed, and why.

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Right Coast Ass’n Blog… East Coast Artie!

Road trips from the East Coast to the West Coast and everything in between; from gatherings with legendary car builders to reports on automotive trade shows…

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Classic Trucks Step Notch Install Article

Jim Rizzo installed one of our new-ish step notch kits in his '57 Chev project truck, wrote all about it, and if you haven't seen the article in the magazine, here's a link to the online version

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Schwartz Inc. Open House

Grant has sent the word around that he’s having an open house at his shop in Bloomingdale, Ontario.  Here are the details:

Jan. 15, 9-3
841 Sawmill Road RR 1, Bloomingdale, ON N0B 1K0
(519) 741-4130

Grant is a very talented builder, and he’s not afraid to tackle the ‘weird’ stuff either!  Stop by his shop to check out his current projects.