Four Link Kit - Pro Street


Four Link Kit - Pro Street WS212480

Made with 3/4" left and right hand threaded urethane bushed adjusters for street-driven Pro/Street frames.

The 1″ diameter seamless bars, with the adjusters installed, have a nominal length of 21″ center-to-center. The brackets are 1/4″ steel. The adjuster bolt holes are 5/8″ except for the front upper holes which are 1/2″. This allows finer upper bar instant center angle adjustment. Heavy-duty, 1-3/4″ wide urethane bushings and inner sleeves are included. The axle brackets have a 1/2″ hole to mount the coil-over and a 3/8″ hole to mount a sway bar or wheelie bars.

$441 In stock
Brand:Welder Series
Thickness:1/4" brackets
Bolt Size:6 @ 5/8" and 2 @ 1/2"
Tubing Size:1" OD
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