ENGINE MOUNT KIT - Discontinued


ENGINE MOUNT KIT - Discontinued 2149

Sorry, this item is no longer available. It has been superseded by #215900.

Universal Chevy motor mounts fit in just about anything - from a T Bucket to an F100 pickup truck. For daily driver small block Chev engines or pavement rippling twin turbocharged big blocks.

You decide where the engine fits best, then follow the instructions to trim the frame mounts.

These mounts use urethane bushings to insulate vibrations. Versus our #C005 Chevy engine mount kit, this kit will transfer more vibrations through the frame rails. It’s a good idea to box your frame before installing engine mounts. Available artfully tig welded or ready to weld yourself, with CNC machined tubes.

The engine block plate is laser cut from 1/4″ pickled & oiled mild steel, with a formed upper lip for extra strength. Tubing is 7/8″ OD, .120″ wall.
Also available with 1″ longer tubes, for extra-wide frames or to shorten the frame brackets.

These mounts have been installed in small and big block engines ranging from mild 350 hp drivers all the way up to twin turbo big blocks (at least two that we know of) pushing 1200-2000 hp.

There are many variations when determining where is the best place to put your engine. Click here for Paul Horton’s motor mount installation tech tips.

Also, check out the related parts below for a neat filler plate to go between the frame plates.

Brand:Welder Series
Options Welded (0) Ready to weld (0) Welded, 1" longer tubes (0) Ready to weld, 1" longer tubes (0)
Tig welded detail Twin turbo big block with 2149 mounts Ready to weld pieces 1" longer tube kit on the right. NSRA 2011 giveaway car built by Tucci Hot Rods used the tubes from a 2149 kit. Try mocking up your frame plates with only one urethane bushing installed... it will make it a lot easier to disassemble. 4.3 engine.