Axle Bracket Plate - Pro Street Four Link


Axle Bracket Plate - Pro Street Four Link 212422

Laser cut from 1/4″ steel. Holes for adjusters are 5/8″. Designed to use 21″ center to center bars. Can be used with our urethane bushed adjusters or spherical rod ends. Axle tube hole is 3″. The coil-over hole is 1/2″ so a spherical bearing can be used, or you can drill it to 5/8″ for coil-overs with 5/8″ urethane bushing ends. The radius around the bar holes is the same as our #1205 urethane bushing outer tubes, but heim joints can also be used.

The coil-over hole is 6″ below axle centerline. The 3/8″ upper hole is for a sway bar mount. From the center of the lower 4-link hole to the enter of the upper hole is 11-1/2″. The 1-1/2″ hole below the axle can be used for tubular reinforcement.

This plate can be used with #212412.

Priced each.

$31.5 In stock
Brand:Welder Series
Bolt Size:5/8"
Hole size:For 3" axle tube