Axle Bracket Kit, Triangulated


Axle Bracket Kit, Triangulated 318520-2

Axle Bracket kit for triangulated rear 4-link. The upper tabs are cut to fit the axle tube at an angle. Holes for 4-link are ½” diameter. Designed for both 1-3/8″ wide and 1-3/4″ wide urethane bushings. Coil-over mounting holes are backed with a 1” square block for extra support. The 3 coil-over holes are 5/8″ diameter on 1″ centers. The lower coil-over hole center is 4-1/2″ below the bottom of the axle tube. Made to fit 3″ diameter axle tubes.

Available with or without upper axle tabs.

Priced per pair.

$100 In stock
Brand:Welder Series
Bolt Size:1/2"
Diameter:3" axle tube
Option 1 For 1-3/8" wide bushings (0) For 1-3/4" wide bushings (0)
Option 2 With upper tabs (0) Without upper tabs (0)
Option 3 Welded block (0) Unwelded block (0)