Adjuster Kits


Adjuster Kits 100720R

These adjuster kits use a CNC machined stud which is notched to accept the matching tube.

5/8-18 studs come with standard bushing outer tubes.
3/4-16 studs come with large bushing outer tubes.

Urethane bushings must be ordered separately. Parts included in one adjuster kit: threaded stud, tube, and jam nut.

Please see available options: 3/4-16 adjusters are only available straight, and 5/8-18 adjusters are not available in left hand threads.

I clean the scale off the tube before welding – this will give a cleaner weld and help your tungsten to last longer.

$23 In stock
Brand:Welder Series
Thread:5/8-18 or 3/4-16
Option 1 5/8-18 RH, straight (0) 5/8-18 LH, straight (0) 5/8-18 RH, 5 degree (0) 5/8-18 RH, 9 degree (0) 3/4-16 RH, straight (0) 3/4-16 LH, straight (0)
Option 2 Welded (0) Ready to weld (0)
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