Dear Welder Series… Split Wishbone Question

Dear Welder Series…
Hi, I have a question fer ya.
I have a split bone suspension (’28 Model A) and am going to use each arm independently (as opposed to joined in the middle). I want to use rod ends to join them to each side of my frame (2×4 1/8th inch mild steel). What parts / sizes would you recommend?
Any and all info would be greatly appreciated.

PS; it’s going on a ’26 model T roadster Rat Rod with a “Zd” frame

Dear Roger…
Roger, if you are using spherical rod ends (“Heims”), and want to run the bolt through the frame rail, you could weld a #212321 spacer ( into each of the rails to keep the walls from collapsing.  Use a 5/8″ rod end.

If the rod end will mount below the frame rail (or above it), you could look at using 2 Versatabs each side, #20493 (, trimmed to put the rod end where you want it, and use spacer #10767 ( between the plates.  The Versatabs will have to be drilled out to 5/8″.

If you will use an early Ford tie rod end, you could use our hairpin mount kit, #229000 (

And, if you want to mount a tie rod end below (or above) the frame, we don’t have anything to take the tapered stud.

Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.

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