Dear Welder Series… Pro Street Rear Sway Bar?

Dear Welder Series…
Hi Paul
I was wondering if you can tell me if one of your universal rear sway bar kits will work for me. I have a 33 plymouth 5 window Pro street car.
I am running a blown 440 in it and she can be allot to handle at time. I can feel it sway back and forth when I have in it hard. Do you have something that will work for me?
Also do you have instal pics and instructions I can look at?
Thanks Paul


Dear Jamie…
Jamie, Tom VanDerGeld, now owner of Lowdown Hot Rods ( worked with me on the initial design of our sway bar in the mid-90’s.  He and his father-in-law were big pro-street fans and he wanted sway bars on the back of every pro-street chassis we produced.

There are pictures and an install article at .

Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.

Paul Horton

Dear Welder Series…
Thanks Paul, I appreciate your help.



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