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Mustang II Brake Kit – For Granada Rotors

Mustang II Brake Kit - For Granada Rotors

Adapts 1975-80 Granada rotors to Mustang II spindles.

$68.86 — $85.00

Brake kit for 1974 -78 Mustang II and 1974 – 80 Pinto/Bobcat spindles. This kit adapts larger 11″ Granada rotors and 1982 – 92 Camaro (or equivalent) calipers for a simple, effective, and inexpensive brake upgrade. Some 14″ wheels will clear the calipers. 15″ wheels will clear. The 1975 – 80 Granada rotors move each wheel out 1/4″ from stock rotors. WS2125

Welded kit includes all hardware included in the ready-to-weld kit.

Parts Included:
Plate, caliper mounting plate for Granada rotor and GM caliper on Mustang II spindles. 3/8″ thick, 21255, 2
Spacer, steel, 1″ OD x 1/2-20 threaded ID x 3/4″ long, 21252-A, 2
Spacer, steel, 3/4″ OD x 7/16″ ID x 5/8″ long, 21253_A, 2
Bolt, 7/16-14 RH x 1-3/4″, Grade 5 hex, zinc plated, 2
Bolt, 1/2-20 RH x 2″, Grade 5 hex, zinc plated, 2
Washer, 7/16″ lock, zinc plated, 2
Washer, 1/2″ lock, zinc plated, 2
Washer, 1/2″ SAE, zinc plated, 2

Assembly Tips:
Use a pair of 1974-78 Mustang II spindles as a fixture. This way the parts will be held in exactly the right place for tack welding.

The end of the threaded spacer (for the ½-20 bolt) should bottom against the slot in the plate. Take the tacked assembly off of the spindles to finish welding. Avoid getting weld inside the threaded spacer.

Be sure to read the installation tip sheets shipped with each kit.

2 comments to Mustang II Brake Kit – For Granada Rotors

  • Johnathan Simpson

    will these fit the aluminum double piston option for the 92 Camaro?

    • DW

      Hi Johnathan, thanks for your comment. Sorry I’ve been this long getting back to you – I just did a bit of digging and came up with this site: http://www.camarosource.ca/rare_specialty/1le/, where I saw this:

      So After some research, Minch checked out and was considering the two-piston aluminum caliper manufactured in Australia by PBR. The Corvette used this caliper as they were specifically made for them. To use them for the Camaro, it required modification to bolt to the Camaro spindle.

      I’m guessing you’re referring to the 1LE optioned Camaro? From this information, I’m thinking that they won’t work with our brake kit as-is, and I’m not sure what sort of modifications would be necessary.
      Thanks again for contacting us.
      DW Horton

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