Ford Motor Mounts, Urethane Insulated

Ford Motor Mounts, Urethane Insulated

Motor mount kit for Ford small block (260, 289, 302, 5.0, 351W, 351C). These mounts use urethane bushings to insulate vibrations.

$89.00 — $100.00

Use in boxed frames. Available ready to weld or welded. WS2050

Parts & hardware included to make 1 pair of motor mounts. Available fully tig welded or ready to weld.

Follow Lowdown Hotrods as they install this motor mount kit in a ’32 Ford.

Note: If your block has three threaded mounting bosses, the middle one may need to be trimmed if it sits proud of the outer two, or you can use spacers to clear the center boss.

Tech Tips:
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