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Front Suspension

Front Suspension

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    • original
      Flat Front Crossmember

      from $50.50

      For early Ford transverse leaf springs. This crossmember helps get the frame lower by about 1-1/2 - 2'' compared to a stock Model 'A' crossmember.

    • original
      Front Four Link Kits

      from $300.00

      Front four link kits for Model A through 1934 Ford.

    • original
      Lower A-Arm Mounting Kit


      Got some swap meet Mustang II tubular lower arms that didn't come with the spacers and gussets? Here are the pieces you need.

    • original
      Panhard Kit - Front


      Kits available for 1928-1934 Ford with either a 46" or 48" axle.

    • original
      Rack Mount Spacer Kit


      Rack mount spacers must be used with 1979 and newer power racks to move the rack centerline to the same position as the stock 1974-78 rack.

    • original
      Shock Bracket Kit

      from $32.10

      For early Ford style axles. Designed to clear the fenders on 1928-34 Fords.

    • original
      Suicide Spring Perch Kit

      from $55.00

      To mount a spring in front of a 2" round front crossmember.

    • original
      Through-Frame Hairpin Mount Kit


      From the outside of the frame rail, the look is traditional, but without the bracket below the frame. On the inside, only a button head shows.