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All Things Viva Las Vegas 14: myrideisme.com

I’m sure Craig Pike sets his camera to ‘burst’ mode when he’s at these events… the number of pictures is astounding!

Here’s a quick preview of the 2011 show. For more images, check them out at www.myrideisme.com!

The Rules have Changed: 2011 AMBR Award Judging Explained

Here’s a really good explanation of the new judging criteria for the America’s Most Beautiful Roadster, from Craig Pike at MyRideIsMe.com:


He spoke firsthand with the judges coordinator, Vic Cunnyngham about what’s changed, and why.

MyRideisMe.com: Wind Tunnel Testing: Is it just blowing smoke?

If you’re into going fast and what it takes to get fast, this is a really interesting article on wind tunnel testing.


Custom Pinstriped Welding Helmet for Charity

Our friend Pikesan at www.myrideisme.com has listed a Lincoln welding helmet on eBay, with the pledge of 100% of the proceeds going to Progeria research.  If you aren’t aware of the disease, it’s a rare ‘rapid aging’ of children – read about Amy Foose for more details.

13 of the best hot rod engines

Pikesan, the grande poobah at www.myrideisme.com has a whack of really cool articles lately.  I think you’d be especially interested in this one, and once you’re over there, hang out for a bit!

13 of the best hot rod engines (at the LA Roadster Show)

Autorama pics


For more pictures, I once again refer you to www.myrideisme.com for great show coverage.

There are lots of user photos in this search on the HAMB, too.

Win a welding helmet!

…Just by telling the internet a good tip on welding!  You’ll have to be a member and send it to admin(@)myrideisme.com and if you have pictures, that’s even better.

Click here for the article.

Mr. MyRideisMe just emailed to remind my commentators that they have to be a MyRideisMe member to win the helmet!  It’s free though… so you can still win a free helmet.

Welding Video: tig torch orientation

I’m on my way!  First YouTube, now MyRideisMe.com!  OK, YouTube on MyRideisMe.com.  Same difference.

Welding With DW (WWDW) is a series of videos I’ll be shooting over the next 10 to 15 years (whichever Pikesan signs the contract for) focusing on little things that have helped me weld over the years.  I’m even going to try and avoid calling them “how-to” videos, implying that this is how you should do it.  Instead, they’re more like “how-I-do-it” videos.

This first video covers a little bit on how I hold a tig torch.  Enjoy!


All About SEMA...

We weren’t there, but we know some people who were…

Craig has some great show coverage – if you’re looking for some photos and stories, check out www.MyRideIsMe.com