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Booster Bracket & Pedal Mount 24806
Brake Pedal Kits
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Booster Bracket & Pedal Kit to mount under the floor. This kit is simple to trim to fit many under floor applications. The bracket mounts either a 7″ (single or dual diaphragm) or 8″ dual power booster. As supplied, the center of the booster will be 4-1/4″ off of the boxing plate. The bracket also has holes for a GM or Ford manual master cylinder if the booster is not being used. (In this case one of the 5.75:1 pedals should be used.) The pedal is offset for right foot braking and a stainless, adjustable pedal pad mount is included.

The brake pedal mounts to the bracket in double shear for extra strength. This type of pedal mount lets you drop the pedal down instead of sliding it off of a pin so the hole in the floor can be smaller. A 3/8″ female rod end is included in the parts list. The bracket will mount Ford or GM manual master cylinders and either 7″ (single or dual) or 8″ dual boosters. Booster mounting holes are 3-3/8″ x 3-3/8″. This will fit the common street rod power boosters.

The bracket is made from 3/16" mild steel, and the pedal is made from 3/8" mild steel. Pedal bushing is 1-3/8" wide with a 3/8" ID hole.

Clutch pedal add-on: A third gusset is added to support the clutch pedal in double shear. The pedals are supplied with no offset so they can be bent to clear the steering column. Pedal pad mounts are included. Clutch linkage must be fabricated.

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Booster Bracket & Pedal Mount Booster Bracket & Pedal Mount Booster Bracket & Pedal Mount Booster Bracket & Pedal Mount Converted to a hanging pedal assembly. Note: a hole will have to be drilled for the plunger. Booster Bracket & Pedal Mount Booster Bracket & Pedal Mount Ready to weld. Here's a customer picture of the brake/clutch kit. The pedals come flat in this kit so you can bend them to where they fit best.