Batwing Side Plate, Weld-On


Batwing Side Plate, Weld-On 14120
Price: 7.4 CAD In stock

Batwing side plate for axles that don't have the Ford perch pin boss. Holes are 1/2" diameter on 4-3/4" centers.

The 4-link brackets are 3/16″ steel. The hairpin bracket looks very similar, but has 3/8″ holes and is 3/8″ steel to mount a clevis.

The plate can be trimmed with a hole saw to fit your tube axle, or trimmed by hand to fit an I beam.

4-link #14120 $7.00.
Hairpin #28925 $10.00

Brand:Welder Series
Thickness:3/16" or 3/8"
Hole size:3/8" or 1/2"
Options Plate for four link (0) Plate for hairpins (0)