Baby Buick Nailhead Engine Mount Kit


Baby Buick Nailhead Engine Mount Kit 380301
Engine Mounts
Price: 170 CAD In stock

This kit is designed for the baby Nailhead (264 or 322 c.i.). The main plate is laser cut from 1/4" pickled & oiled mild steel with a formed lip for extra strength. The gussets and frame plates are 3/16" material. Urethane bushings connect the engine mounts to the trim-to-fit frame plates which are also included in the kit. Fully TIG welded.

Parts included:
Engine mounts (each kit will include a pair of mounts)
4 trim-to-fit frame plates
All necessary hardware. Bolts are grade 5, zinc plated.

The kit is available welded or ready to weld.

Brand:Welder Series
Thickness:1/4" / 3/16"
Welded kit Ready to weld